Twist Car BH-810

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The twist car has a stable structure and simple operation. As long as the steering wheel is turned left and right, it can be driven back and forth at will. No charge, no fuel, no winding, no pedals, just shake the steering wheel left and right hand can drive, it is a kind of environmental protection green toy. The twist car is composed of the main body, steering wheel, front and rear wheels, and other spare parts. It is simple to operate, as long as you turn the steering wheel left and right, you can drive back and forth at will. With its magical power and imaginative appearance design, it integrates environmental protection, entertainment, and fitness features, and is deeply loved by children.1.The twist car can be played on hard flat ground, such as living rooms, parks, squares, residential areas, kindergartens, etc. 2.The twist car shall be driven on cement or asphalt roads with a load not exceeding 40 kilograms.1.Do not leave children alone with this product. 2.It is strictly prohibited to drive in the motorway. 3.The twist car should be positioned as far forward as possible and not beyond the rear of the twist car body to prevent it from tipping back.

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